Terms and Conditions

By using THREADAND.CO services you agree to the following terms and conditions.
These terms and conditions are effective from 21 September 2018 (updated since 21 September 2018).

Bookings Terms of use

If you need to change or cancel your booking please log back into your account and amend it from there.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL to change a booking as this is a self service system. Once you log the request online, an email and or text will be sent to confirm the cancellation. If you do not receive a notification please email bookings@threadand.co asap and send a cancellation or edit/change email request to bookings@threadand.co ONLY in the event that you are unable to do so from your bookings console or did not receive a confirmation, please include as many details as possible including full bookings details with dates & times and your full contact details. A member of our team will be in touch to confirm.



We will never share/sell your private information. We also do not send unsolicited emails/texts. Please avoid last minute cancellations, lateness & no shows, this affects other clients and our business. We reserve the right to CHARGE for missed bookings, lateness &last minute cancellations. Please arrive 5 mins earlier for your booking, so we can get you checked in and ready for your stylist .

SimplyBook.me Ltd. is our booking software partner.
SquarePos is our payments partner.

Cancellation Policy


You can CANCEL/VIEW your bookings by selecting BOOK tab and signing in by selecting the PROFILE icon. Once you SIGN in you will be able to navigate to the area where you can CANCEL. If you have any trouble please email us on bookings@threadand.co


Once you cancel 3 hours prior to your booking start time as per TERMS & CONDITIONS & CANCELLATION POLICY, you will receive account credit for the value and you can rebook at your leisure for the same value.

Once you book a slot and pay it is binding and we do not do refunds

Cancellations done after 3 hours prior you booking start time will put your account credits on hold until someone else books for your cancelled slot. If no one books for your cancelled slot, you are then liable for the total cost of the booking as it will be a lost on our part.

So, please make sure you pick the correct time/date and please change it if you cannot make it. As we see it, everyone knows what they are doing at least 3 hours beforehand and therefore we believe giving our clients 3 hours beforehand which is very generous of us. Most other places only give 24 hours.

So as a courtesy to us, please LOG back in and CANCEL it rather than simply showing up LATE or NO SHOWING as it is taking up a spot in the queue from someone who may be desperate to get their services done that day and they will miss out.


www.threadand.co services or www.threadand.co bookings platform — is a system provided by www.simplybook.me ltd that allows system users to get various business functionalities that help them to run their business. The www.threadand.co system can run under various domain names, such as:

Service provider or user — Company or person that provides services, rents tools, equipment, space etc. and uses the www.threadand.co platform to accept bookings online, send promotions, sell products and do other related things that helps them run their service business.

Client/s or service buyer/s — Clients can be any type of person that books an appointment or buys a product online with a service provider that has a user account with the www.threadand.co platform. This can for example be patient, student, or client.

www.simplybook.me is the processor of data for the clients of the www.threadand.co platform. The user of the system, often same as service provider, is the controller of your data (the client data). You can ask the controller of your data for all personal information that he may hold on you, they can delete it and rectify by your requests.

Acceptable Use Policy

If you use the www.threadand.co platform or related sites, you agree to that you will not:

  1. — violate any laws, third party rights or our policies;
  2. — use our sites and tools if you are not able to form legally binding contracts, are under the age of 18;
  3. — post false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, libelous content (including personal information) or use the service and site for link building purposes;
  4. — take any action that may undermine feedback and/or ratings systems;
  5. — distribute or post spam, unsolicited, or bulk electronic communications, chain letters, or pyramid schemes;
  6. — distribute viruses or any other technologies that may harm any visitors of the site;
  7. — harvest or otherwise collect information about users, including email addresses, credit cards without their consent.

Client Purchase Protection

Please be informed that www.threadand.co does not offer any purchase guarantees concerning client's payments for bookings or service purchases or other product purchases on www.threadand.co on behalf of our service providers.

www.threadand.co offers service providers a way to sell their services, and buyers, clients, patients a method to book these services. Service providers can use our website to offer their clients to pay for services online. Buyers and service providers share the responsibility for making sure purchases and service orders facilitated by www.threadand.co are in good spirit, rewarding and hassle-free.

We encourage buyers to contact THREAD+CO on info@threadand.co before opening a complaint with third parties. We take no responsibility for wrongful service orders, services provided by service providers or services not provided by service providers even if they are purchased and paid for on www.threadand.co

You are buying time slots in a booking queue to get access to a vetted, high rated, skilled technicians. We are not a salon providing services.
It is strongly recommended that buyers inform themselves about the service provider before booking with them and before paying online.

Privacy Policy

For a seperate description of our privacy policy, see the www.threadand.co Privacy Policy.

About Us

We are owned by BEAUTY COTERIE PTY LTD, established in 2015 and trading as THREAD+CO and is the creator of the www.threadand.co platform. The above terms and conditions that you accept, apply between you and www.threadand.co in Australia.

You may contact us:
E-Mail: helpdesk@threadand.co
Address: Level 14, 309 kent Street, Sydney 2000